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After some month I´m back. Had some trouble and need a long time to fix all my problems.It´s not funny to search webspace again and again.My last sever host me around two month before he was down.But now time to run like a gipsy through the web is over.Away the time with pop ups and spam.Looking forward.I start a new comic,but it´s too early to give him a name.Take a look on my mainpage to the girls.


Here my promised update on my ComicPetslaves.The Comic comes to the end.Now it´s time for me to think about a new one.Any ideas?Send me a mail.I´m open for new ideas.Enjoy !!!!


My server eadaulthost is down.Once more in my life.I need some day to find a new one. Some information more on my Start page.New update on my ComicSlave Hunters.Ten new pics with the text from my friend L´Espion.One update more this week.For actually infos check my account on Deviant Art.Enjoy !!!!


At first I say thousand thanks to L'Espion. A famous writer since a generation. He help me .with his know how for this update with the pictues text. We also start a new project together. He served a page on DeviantArt and you can also watching his work in the Wizard´s Lair. Today ten brand new pics for the comicSlave Hunters.And five new pics for the comic Petslaves.Enjoy !!!!


A ney year has come and I start this year with a brand new jungle adventure with Oxanna and Baba.Called themSlave Hunters.I promised 20 pics on Deviant Art,but I start with 30 pics in this new comic. So fans of the comic petslaves have to wait some days more for a update of this adventure. I was busy at the end of the year and open also a youtube channel to show how I create my comics.Sorry only in german.Maybe I try it also in english this year.Enjoy !!!!


The story goes on.10 new pic forPetgirls.Enjoy !!!!


Five brand new pics for the comicPetgirls.Enjoy !!!!


Here one update more this week.First we have a new great link on my Linkpage.One the best what I found since the last year.Great artist with some free stuff so two Bookmarks forMrBunnyArt. And five brand new pics for the comicPetgirls.Next update at the end of the week,latest weekend.Enjoy !!!!


After my summer break I´m back with new stuff. During the last month I´m only present new stuff on Deviant Art. Link to it on my main page. I know a lot await new adventures and comics. So the comic with Baba and Oxanna, in Don´t cross the border comes to the end. New Figures enter the KingLouisStudios. So now you can follow a new comic with Black Cat, Draco,Snow and Olivia in a brand new adventure. I call it Petgirls.I start the story with ten pics. One update more after the weekend.Enjooooyyyy !!!!


New link of the month on my Link page.Not a new link but a great superheroine real artist.I change the 3D World link on my Mainpage now to my new 18- site.I don´t link back from this site because I don´t want to underrun my Disclaimer.And at least, I think you wait for it .....ten new pic for my comic Don´t cross the border. Enjoy!!!!


A terribe mailware crash drop my mainsystem down and it was not possible to render new pic with the less power. I need more than a week to fix the problems.But now all looking good.The comic Diamonds are the girls best friend comes the the end. 10 new pics for the jungle comic Don´t cross the border.Also I´m looking for a new writer for the KingLouisStudios. English isn´t my mother tounge so I fight with the text. I don´t await to get a complete story. More I need someone who can fix my mistakes can can tell me better you place some words in this way or so. If you think you are the right and have time for this please send me a mail.Enjoy!!!!


New year and I hope for new fun and ideas for 15.At first five new pics on my comic Diamonds are the girls best friend.I get a mail it was not possible to reach the cover of this comic. Sorry for this. I fix this problem. A new idea and a new category on my main comic site.Maybe some closest fans from me saw I try to create some new jungle characters, but I was not happy with the results. Now the waiting is over and I start a jungle adventures with two girls. I call them Oxanna and Baba.After some test on DeviantArt I start a adventure with 10 pics. I called this jungle comic Don´t cross the border.Enjoy!!!!


New start from my new Sister Site for poser fans or newcommer. I don´t link back from this site. It´s a 18 - site without a disclaimer.And 10 new pics to my comic Diamonds are the girls best friend.Enjoy!! I wish all my fans a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Followers can see I pimp up my sites with new pics. I do this step by step to update the sites. And five new pics for my comic Diamonds are the girls best friend.The comic comes near to the end and I have no idea for a new one. If you know a story let me know this.Enjoy!!


Ten new pics for my comic Diamonds are the girls best friend.Enjoy!!One update more this week in the tutorials for Cinema 4d.


Ten brand new pics for my comic Diamonds are the girls best friend.Also a new link of theMonth. Enjoy!!


Start a new comic and the first five pictures are up.Enjoy the new adventure from Spellbinder inDiamonds are the girls best friend.


Here today my promised update with new pics in mySuperheroines Gallery.Enjoy!!


Only one pic more on Deviantart,but I work three days on the website.It´s looking like in a hand bag of a woman,but I think I fixed the most problems.New buttons and better navigations on the websites. A comlete new designed turorial site with two new Tutorials.One for Poser and one for Cinema 4d. I have a lot of it but I must fix it for web.One update more with new pics this week.


Not happy with my new Gallery layout.No pork sent me a feedback. So I rework it again. New gallery mainpage and 5 brand new sexy Spellbinder vs Pewe pics in my new Superheroines Gallery.


A new comic is up. Check up the Wizar´s Lair Serials. A View new pics for my gallery comming this week.New link of the month in my link page.


A new crash stop my action on this website. My Mainserver Ohost is down since end of May. So I must invest a lot of time to find a new home in the web. Not sure how long this place is working for me but now a way to move on with my work. I start with three new comic, but I´m not really happy with the results and one problem more. I´m searching since two month for a new writer and I hope I can find a new one before I start with the text for my new comics. But by the way, I try to finish with or no new writer a new comic for the Wizard´s Lair.


It needs a time to fix the website. But a new gallery is open.Only links with a tumb are running. I fill the gallery with new pics during the week. But I´m working on it. New stuff,new characters and new comics are in progress. My newest character is on my gallery mainpage. Called him the Gambler.


Repair my link page.All links are running now.Post a new link of the month, April 14. If you find a nice link sent me a note.


Delete some categories and setup a new area with tutorial.


Was a long break but I´m back in the scene. Start up to repair my website and delete old links and post new pics, new generation of superheroines and stuff. I think I can finish this operation during the week. I start with a new comic. You can find it on deviant art. Link to it you can click on my mainpage. Have fun with it.


After a long time and after a hard season for me I start up again with new stuff I finish the comic The mysterious factory with 10 new pics and the comic The erotic adventures with 19 new pics.Also I have enter Second life this year in May and create a new section for it.New button you can find to enter on my main page at the left side.Enjoy,Louis


I had some probs with a remote program on my radio site.The virus scanner avast identify it as a trojan horse.It was no one but I understand users are not very happy to hear the alarm.I install avast on a system and hear what goes on.I fixed the problem.If I forgot something please send me a note.I looked this day on my own site and I was not happy with it.After a some years I take a look to my first site and my works.It was terrible.I delete a lot of links on my main page and I made new pics from the girls at the left site on the page.I create a complete new comic page .I hope it looks better and it´s more comfortable for new visitors.And some new girls on the left site.Some pics from my partners are not reachable for the next week.I want to create also a new gallery site,but sep by step.New host three is http://kinglouisstudios.5gighost.com/.You can find the link on my mainpage.Last but not least 15 new pics for the comic The erotic adventures .Enjoy,Louis


I changed some pic on my sites.My host on 9ix.net is down since some weeks.Shit on it,I move to the next.New ten pics in my comic The erotic adventures .Enjoy,Louis


I changed some pic on my sites.New five pics in my comic The mysterious factory .Enjoy,Louis


The Bondage Awards 2009 make a brake.Thanks to all who support me by the votes.Let us see next Sunday,possible my Studio reach nominatings for the next round.If I reach it please support me in the next week again.I finshed my comic sex slavery and the athlete .One update more this week.Enjoy,Louis


New 5 pics on my comic sex slavery and the athlete 5 new pics on the comicThe mysterious factory.And five more atThe erotic adnentures of Insane Jane .New great link of the month on myLink page.Enjoy,Louis.


Only a update to fix some props.I can´t realiese my features with my site on porky host.So I must leave them.I know, but it´s normal for me to do works again and again.New host two is now 9ix.net .I changed my index site and post some new pics on it.I repair mychatsystem.There is a prob because I must move with my site from servers to servers,and the most works without php.So you must install a direct X element to use the chat.Also I include a webcam on this site,Louis.


After a long time a new update.Sorry.My oldest server and host2 gwebspace is down.More than three weeks ago.One of the reasons I´m waiting with my update.But now I got the message,down forever.My new host two is now porkyhost.com.You can bookmark the new host2 here or on my main page.I´ve some probs by uploding my files but I´m sure I can fix the prob next week.New 5 pics on my comic sex slavery and the athlete and 5 new pics on the comicThe mysterious factory.I start with a new comic.In the future I want to create with the figures a new series.The first 15 pics you can find here .New great link of the month on myLink page.Enjoy,Louis.


My promised pic on my comicssex slavery and the athleteandThe mysterious factory.New great link of the month on myLink page.Enjoy,Louis.


I install a new feature on my site.A chatsystem.Host three on itrello.com is down since two weeks.Itrello host his server by planet.com.There was a explosion and a little fire.More than 7000 servers are down and they come back step by step.With a little luck host three is back in two weeks.One update more this week,latest Monday,Louis.


New pic on my comicssex slavery and the athleteandThe mysterious factory.New link of the month on myLink page.


Some mails reach me in the last weeks.When I built my next real superheroine comic?Your wish is my order.I start up with a new one.10 brand new pics,and more will follow by the comicThe mysterious factory.Five new pis on the comic Sex slavery and the athlete.And I chanced my link page and post a new link of the month.Enjoy,Louis. ,Louis.


One update more this week I post new pics from my new comicsex slavery and the athlete,Louis.


The Bondage Award 08 is over.Thanks to all who support me in this long time.It´s not a final result for the Studios,but hey look to all this famous artist.And to be nominated was a huge result for me and a sign to make it better in this year.I will work on it.What goes on in the last week?Well,my host 3 say by with a great hardware crash.I use it now as breadbox.Host 3 is now kinglouisstudios.itrello.com.I chance my main site and we have a newLink of the monthon my link page. Enjoy,Louis.


First of all, I'd like to say thank to you all for voting and getting me into the second round of the Bondage Award 08. Pls. keep it up and push King Louis Studios even further! I promised to launch my new comic "The fatal error" Part 3, but I didn't have the drive and just couldn't think of a good story. It will continue as promised, with a bit of a delay. But I have good news for you! I'll start up with a new one.Enjoy,Louis.


I corrected some mistakes on my site and posted some shots from my new comic.I've started up with it this week.All my hosts now are working.Informations you find on my main page.Enjoy,and don´t forget your voting for the KingLouisStudios,Louis.


Hy all.After a surgery in January, I can move my body again and I finished my latestcomic.After two years without a Bondage Award,since the first Monday in March,we have a new one this year,since the first Monday in March.Please vote for the Studios.It´s a great feedback and huge motivation for me to produce more stuff for you and hold this free site running.I want to start in the catagories, best comic artist and best free bondage website.Informations you can find on my main page and on my link page at the top.It´s only a few clicks and seconds for you,but feedback for me.Thanks to all.

Important!!Please read the text below


The Studios are in problems.My main host shut down without any information to me.I loose contact.I moved with my page to other servers.Please bookmark all urls below to find me again.I´m not sure the new hosters accept my site.Normal I must protect my page with a adult check,but I know a lot of my fans haven´t a credit card and I want to hold this site free.

New gate one and my main host ishttp://kinglouisstudios.ki.ohost.de/.

New gate two ishttp://kinglouisstudios.itrello.com/.

Gate three is reserve and not active,but prepared for workinghttp://kinglouisstudios.freespaceway.com/.

The one or other thing for download is only possible on my gate one.


    I post the first small pics from my new comic on my main page.


    My new comic with agent Robin is finishcheck it up.New artist Sarah Jane Drake in the Studios.Take a look to her great work.Enjoy


    I change my link page.So many links wasn´t no longer runnig and I´ve got a lot requests for bigger link banners.And I made a new categorie on the link page.Link of the month.I start with a famous site I´ve found.Send me your favorite link.Possible you can found it in the next month on this site.Enjoy


    I change my comic main page.


    Long time without a update is over but I can present a new comic im my comic section.some new pic on my main page and my new comic.Enjoy!!


    New comic im my comic section.It´s my first black and white work.Tell me what you are thinking about it.Enjoy!!


    I finished my comic new in town.Enjoy!!


    New great artist in the Studios.EXIT ZERO open two new galleries.New site in the Studios.I called them 3D World.It´s an nonadult site and you can´t find a link back to the KingLouisStudios.It´s only in german in the first time.If I get enough feedback for this I make a translation in english.Enjoy!!


    New picture on my gallery main page.New small gallery with my new model Lady Willpower.


    Gate two on kinglouisstudios.kilu.de is down.They catch me this week.Only gate one is open for the next time.Kilu was my data server,but I`ve change the most so all pictures are downloadable.Only some songs are not running in my link page.My profile page on myspace is back again.Only my music site is down,but I repair it this week.If they shut down gate one,too,contact the Wizard`s Lair on superheroinecentral.com and look in his link page,so you can find me again.But this can be a while the link url change.


    Sorry for the waiting time,but my job hold me in running.The voting is over.Popular Superheroine in the KingLouisStudios is True Color.But sorry guys(and girls).Only 53 votes.This must go better.I start with a new voting in the gallery.I create three new superheroines.All three a real.Symphony,age26,hometown San Antonio/Texas/USA.You can visit her in my link page.Lady Willpower,age 22,hometown Toronto/Canada.The Portuguese Princess,age 20,hometown Orlando/Florida/USA.When I found time I make a ID card for the new girls in my gallers page.Symphony enter the Studios in my comic actual comic.New frames in my comic New in town.I create some new pictures for my main page.Some pictures following this week.Enjoy!!


    New frames in my comic New in townand I start up with a voting for my heroines.With your favor heroines I make my next comic.Check it up on my Gallery site.If you use a pop up blocker you can´t see the vote results.


    My friend Samantha need a little help clickhereand look on here site below.Only a few seconds for you,thanks.New stuff tomorrow.


    New link,from jeperger´s world in mylink pageunder bondage comics.And some new frames in my comic New in town.Enjoy!!


    Start for Brainstorms firstadventure.


    New layout on main page.I create a new link category on my link page.Check up there my new friends Becca and Samantha Grace.Samantha need a little help for a voting.Visit her on my link page.Enjoy!!


    My new server is running and will be reached this night,latest tomorrow.please use in the future no longer urls with ending kilu2 or kilu3.This server shut down next week.New url http://kinglouisstudios.kilu.de or click here.I finished my first comic The first mission.Enjoy!!And at last new update on my profile page.Let´s rock!!


    Dream comes to an end.This night I finished moving on both server and all looking good.Today only a small update.I delete some old links and chanced a little the link site.I finished one comic and the first brainstorm comic start up next weekend.


    Sorry for waiting what goes on.My server flathost shut down and my server gwebspace is a slow server and I was working for this problem.Thanks to all who follow me in this time to gate one.New fast gate is oben now under http://kinglouisstudios.kilu3.de.I´ve create new stuff but hcmarvin is travelling.When she come back she make the corrections for me and I post it immediately.


    Sorry for missing a new update,but I have a slow line to the web at this time and I have problems to post frames on my host.I hope I can present new stuff in the next days.But you can help me.A girlfriend,Samantha Grace, need a little help.Only a few seconds for you,not more.Please vote for her.And hey guys please vote only for her.You can take a look to the other girls,but ony a look.Thank´s for your help.

    please vote on this link

    for more information over this girl click on her profile


    New layout on my main page. I create a new category for the Links.The ID cards from my models are open in theGallery page.


    Chance and delete some things on my main page. Create a new category,called them screen saver on my main page.At the same place you can find a profile over me.I update them from time to time.Fill up some new pictures inGallery01. And at last 10 new frames in theJasmine Shaye comic. Enjoy!


    The superheroine comic,the first mission, goes on.


    Ten new pictures in a newgallery.One update more this week.


    I got some mails with the question,who are my old superheroines on this site?Now Steel is back from a beauty farm with a new superheroine.I need a name for the new model.You´ve a idea?Sent it to me.You can see both on the startpage.I´ve open the gallery.Only five pictures,but I think it´s abeginningenjoy!!


    New sites in the superheroines comic The first missionenjoy!


    Hcmarvin had no pardon with me.I removed my mistakes from the Jasmine ShayeComic.The new superheroine comic start up at the comic pageenjoy!


    Delete my own death links.They are linking back to my index page.Sorry I´ve forgot it to delete.New cover on my Comic page


    Chance a little my date format.Some European user have problems with the date.New Jasmine Shaye comic start up at the Comic page


    New cover on the comic Comic pageremoved some things on tributepage forMichelle

    Offical start 03.08.06

    One new video link on my start page,created a newcomic portal.Newgalleryfor Michelle,and click on the largest/smallest candle at herstartpageto see what´s going on.It´s early in the morning and I make a second update today.Enjoy!


    Entry page has chance and I build the layout of the Gallery page


    One new link in the start pageand the first models are in theStartpage


    Some new links in the start pageand one new article more byMichelle


    Some new comic and videos links in the start page


    Some new links in the start page

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