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Our old Dead End City

Old Dead End was created on Honeysuckle Island.I reach this town without any cent in my pocket in May 09.Never forget my first thin,cold,water soup for free and this lovley warm beer in Lulus Bar.First I rent a small dirty room in Bates Motel and open my first shop in the city.I worked hard and create thousands of handmade thoothpicks tree by tree.I rent a apartment and I buy my first car.But then,in beginning of Novemer 09, the heaven open his doors and the rain falling down,day by day.We fight against the advancing water flood,but we had no chance.Fire and storm let fall walls down on the streets and we must leave our town.I was one of the last who leave the town with the choppers.Hopefully we built a new home on a other sim called Dead End.

Shoot on old market place

The disaster

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