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    Ten year ago now.But a day for me to say I don´t forgot her.Not easy to find new stuff from a passing girl,but I browse my database and found three pics from her old website.Not sure but I think it was around May 2004.This new link you can also find on the main page under her works on left side.


    Five years ago now.What can I more say.I will say thanks to all who send me stuff and information from Michelle.But no pic will bring her back.I have toons of it.If anybody need pics from her contact me and I will see what I can do for you.I only post a new feature to her main site.Thanks Google.So it´s a way to visit the place where she had this terribele crash.And also we don´t forget her two friends.Rest in piece Michelle.


    One more sad bad day for me.I found some stuff in the web but it´s nothing to post here.So one Gallery more for a beautyfull person. I never forget you Michelle.


    Not a happy day for me.It´s not easy to find new material over Michelle.I found a newspaper report with a small anecdote .Also I placed this link on her main page .Happy birthday Michelle.


    Now it´s three years ago since her terrible crash.I got a lot of pis from her fans over the year.So I can see she is never forgotten.For this update I create three new pic galleries at this year.If you click on the last candle on her main page you can see a small clip with her.


    A small update to say I don´t forget her.I delete some no longer running links.The original Jasmine Grey site is down.I set a new link to michellegrayshaw.com on the main site.Happy birthday Michelle.


    What can I say?One year more.The one and only day I can say and show,I never forget you.I post a small clip from her,so you can see how she moved.to the clip.


    Second birthday without her.My way to say I don´t forget you.I posted some new picture in herGallery page.

    December,10.06 02 am EST.

    Exactly one year is over and no day has gone without a thought to her.In memory and respect to her I make this update exactly at this time.My thoughts will be at this day by Michelle the Grayshaw,Birth and Gerspacher families.It´s not easy to find new material but I hold one link by myself.It was her last contact ,in the web,what I´m found.It´s a place for me to visit her daily.A few hours later she leave this world forever.You can find the link on hermainpagenamed last contact.Tha last candle below her picture is higher for the whole day and is a linkto a poem.Please visit today the Memorial page from Chris on his Yahoo Groupand write some words to Michelle.Sorry for some mistakes in my words and grammar,but Englisch is not my mother tounge and nobody make a correction for this update early in the morning.


    Not a lot,but sone new stuff.Candygirlvideo is back with a very nice tribute site on the mainpage.You find it under the tribute page.One new foto from my friend Eric.You can find it on the mainpage under a half year later.And at last a comment from Chris in the category Feelings.


    I removed all my banners from her site.One new link on her main page.I named it profile.I put the groups together and one link more from herfan site.Create a new column.I called themFeelings.You can find some links more in herGallery.I get some links from fans.But I don´t think it´s the right place for it.


    This category is new.I figure it out,step by step from my main page.I delete one link from candygirlvideo.Nothing goes on there.Some guys want to now the exactly place of the accident.I have post a street map.You can find it at hermain page.

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